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How To Open Stealth Ports


Something like will suffice. Only port 0 is stealth, ports 135, 139, 445, and also 554 are open, and the other main ports are closed. I asked the helpful people at Rimu Hosting if they knew what was going on. With the Windows Firewall there is no open port that is not stealthed. weblink

I'll try that tomorrow - am on a dial-up here so it all costs - monopoly telco.Guys and Gals, thanks for your patienceGrayPS: still don't know why my friends didn't see What is really weird is that after installing the flash download i get the same problem that I reported earlier with Flash Freezing my browser again on certain sites and the Posted by gray on Dec. 28 2005,19:52 OK, I'll keep on trying BTW another portscan site is here < http://scan.sygatetech.com > and yes I know they are a firewall / No Internet packets of any sort were received from your system as a side-effect of our attempts to elicit some response from any of the ports listed above.

How To Open Stealth Ports

Here are some important ones to check after you do a reset: 1) In the Firewall section, most people want Internet Zone set to HIGH, and Trusted zone set to MEDIUM. So is there a way to set the ZA Firewall to stealth, or would I be better advised using the Windows Firewall? With the FF Flash Plugin installed, on some other sites there is no freeze but when I start the flash video I hear sound immediately but the video does not appear My understanding is that just isn't possible.

  • This is a BT Home Hub version 3.0.
  • best wishes - Gray Posted by roberts on Dec. 27 2005,18:40 There would have to be a process running on those ports.There are no such processes in base DSLInstead of
  • If you choose to do that, here are a few important things.
  • Success always occurs in private and failure in full view.

I am sorry if there seems to be mis-information or an attempt to run down DSL, but all I have posted is my experiences and results. Click here to Register a free account now! That's how I detected the problem. Udldempec Status Guys and Gals, I get the impression that all I am really doing here is making enemies and generally irritating the devs and admins working with DSL and this forum.

Their support is great, even past warranty time. What Is A Stealth Port Here are the specs. Am I exposed to malmare or a threat? Posted by gray on Dec. 25 2005,17:28 HelloActually I rather like DSL !!

When I enable the Windows Firewall I get full stealth! Udld Empty Echo There will be another update for Flash next week. It also detects PUPs and never deletes a file without your permission. As for port 554 I explained that earlier.  bjm_ Guru Norton Fighter25 Reg: 07-Sep-2008 Posts: 13,706 Solutions: 280 Kudos: 2,010 Kudos0 Re: I have an Open Port 554 Posted: 07-Feb-2015 | 12:07PM

What Is A Stealth Port

I do admit to one error for which I humbly apologise: the number of ports was two - NOT four and the open port numbers were 68,554 and 1755.Gray Posted by Click here to do a port scan using GRC Shields Up. How To Open Stealth Ports If all is in order, plug back into the Internet. How To Unstealth A Port Do you live near them or do they now have a network of service persons in other states.

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I'll try to download a freeware utility that can help me determine what service is using that port. I installed and uninstalled flash also. If you have made any changes on this, click apply and save when finished. http://channeltechnetwork.com/how-to/how-to-remove-default-open-with-program-in-windows-7.html Information Needed Gateway IP Address: The default IP address of your router; your computer and DVR must be connected to this gateway and have an IP address that conforms to this

and see what you come up with.. Grc Port Scan Did you get the latest Flash player? What does your firewall logs say?And if you from the remote side do a telnet to your wan ip port 80 does it connect, is there any output when you give

VM diagnosed the problem to be my hard drive.

I learned that the hard way last night when I downloaded the trial version of WinZip 7 and wound up with a browser home page/search engine hi-jacker :-) floplot Guru Norton Looking forward to ideas or suggestions.Jay · actions · 2013-Jul-24 10:16 am · FirebirdTNjoin:2012-12-13Brighton, TN1 edit FirebirdTN Member 2013-Jul-24 10:33 am You should not be getting different results, no matter what This means that sooner or later some clever "exploit" could be crafted to take advantage of your open ports to gain an advantage without your knowledge or permission. Port Status Cisco The do have some lower price models also if you look at their site.

Are you sure you still have the WAN IP you think you have? · actions · 2013-Jul-24 7:35 pm · Jay864join:2013-07-18

Jay864 Member 2013-Jul-24 7:38 pm "Provide a name and password It also brought up a place where you can download sounds I believe it was. The ROGs come with Mcafee trial preinstalled. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit NSBU IE 11 hok Super Phishing Phryer14 Reg: 10-Sep-2009 Posts: 635 Solutions: 8 Kudos: 155 Kudos0 Re: I have an Open Port 554 Posted: 28-Jan-2015

They then sent a tech to my house to install it. If my memory serves me correctly, this is the first time I have ever seen an open-not stealthed port on my PC. We are just trying to get to the bottom of it as simply as possible. DVR IP address: The IP address of your DVR.