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Run Windows Repair Tool to repair rundll32.exe related Windows Errors 3. No, it is not. Don't remove it - just try to find out what's running it, then remove that. For more information about Rundll32 requirements see article 164787 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=165773).

I had to end the process many of time right click on the process and also end the tree try it it will work. After stuggling with this for many, many months, I think I found a makeshift solution. Trapper I have seen 'rundll32.exe' running on many of my clients' computers. The file size is 20,480bytes.

My computer keeps restarting for no reason and sometimes does as soon as windows boots up. Eko Its needed to run the date n time function, mine wont work because my virus remover removed it so i need to re-download it TC You can just close it July 30, 2008 Christopher Here is what I have found about rundll32: if it is running ALL THE TIME… you most likely have a program that is not written correctly OR June 17, 2011 D.Amos I found a fix that works FIX for multiples of rundll32.exe in processes Look in windows (under computer) SysWow64 go down the list and look for rundll32.exe

but experience does not confirm we can think of it positively... The process rundll32.exe do not end. My computer is thus rendered useless until I get another copy of windows. If you notice errors with either file, be sure to remedy them as quickly as possible.

Is this normal? People will often try to use this to make it look like Microsoft Windows is doing something. Copy the file name, paste it into wordpad and change to a font where 1 and l (one and el) are displayed differently. To increase your protection, use a malware scanner as well.

Why they use both rundll32.exe and svchost.exe? it's destroy my computer and what is csrss.exe ? cannot find rundll32exe.. I am still in the process of repairing the damage it has done.

But IF, you can always copy the real rundll32.exe from your Win XP -CD. It is not a virus/worm, as many of the people who have poor knowlege of Windows who posted here would have you believe.... I can't find any of my files like pics, music, etc …the funny part is that it won't let me do anything that has to go through cd drive and Internet Couldn't open anything in Control Panel.

I can't find the command line column. June 23, 2011 AJ I have only 1 rundll32.exe and my computer is on atleast 5 hours a day. ntkw i found hidden rundll32.exe from dllcache folder, is it normal or should I delete it? This executable is a valid part of Windows, and normally shouldn't be a threat.

I know this is the only thing wrong with the startup, I'd like at least to get my documents off the hard drive. Steveo i can't open my control panel without it master Was infected with "Virus Burster"--after ending rundll32.exe, problems ended. Part of: Memory usage: N/A (Free up memory) Common rundll32.exe errors: N/A (Repair) System process: Yes Uses network: No Background:Yes Hardware related: No Browse Top System Processes raid_tool.exe rapapp.exe rar.exe rasautou.exe Check if this pad or file name is correct and if all neccessary libraries are available.

Always be careful when deleting any files. I have noticed the trojan/virus's use the same name for malicious exe files though scan your stuff regularly Rave i searched for "runedll32" and it came up with runedll32.exe and also Note: Rundll32.exe is a valid Windows application called "Run a DLL as an App" and stored in the C:\Windows directory.

FlYrAtEr Well ALL I know is that its a pain along with other so called "harmless" Windows files that just sit around and take up resorces that could be used with

I searched on the file and it came out clean with my AVG but I deleted it anyways. oliver it stop my computer from working properly... ! Jeffrey try searching your computer, click "search" in start-up then type "rundll32.exe" from there you will know wether it is a virus/spyware or harmless file.. What should i do?

Also: rundll32.exe only runs when a program invokes a DLL. I like your geeky way of geekness!!! Can I disable those rundll32.exe tha have no command line? Afterwards, from the function , it gets the addresses through GetProcAddress().

Peter, Denmark This is from Microsoft used to run DLL(W/c code is EXE) as an EXE It will not harm anyone if and if some1 planted a dangerous program and LAUNCHED Advice anyone? You’ll be auto redirected in 1 second. April 18, 2011 Hmmmm Does it mean your PC is infected if there is only 1 running?

I usually run my two spyware program and virus scan, but this time they found nothing, so i looked at system processes. rundll32.exe - rundll32 process information Process name: Microsoft Rundll32 Click to run a FREE scan for rundll32.exe related errors Windows errors related to rundll32.exe? Find out which harmfull dll is using 'rundll32' and delete that one. April 28, 2009 tj I have a problem running some software I downloaded and the provider told me to do the following, but I'm concerned about what it will do to

You can change this preference below. It is a good idea to do this in safe mode Simon More comments can be found here: (further information) Summary: Average user rating of rundll32.exe: based Most virus scanners will protect your machine from basic threats. can someone help me about this...

this in turn causes the folder to crash and close and go back to the desktop screen.