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fhydjeck если его завершить в win7, герои 3 ставятся корректно=) Nucleon без него не открывается эквалайзер настройка мышки в понели управления и.д. Адыл Тут по моему всё просто: rundll32.exe замедляет процессор see link See also: Link fom rundll offers an entry point into a .dll file which otherwise don't have an entry point of it's own.If the .dll file is a malware I do not have a windows xp disk can you help me please thank you! This will answer all your process questions forever, whoever wrote it needs to get paid for it...

Couldn't be removed, system restore didn't work, a complete menace. Aarooni not knowing anything about the rundll32 nightmare except i cant access control pnl.it caues pc to slow down,my homepage has a mind of its own,some software acts up like a If it is showing up when you don't have control panel up, end the process Lune Every time i restart my comp, my antivirus stop function. Pop ups were all reporting spyware and directing me to rogue spyware sites.

This file is also commonly used by spyware to launch its own malicious code. Get rid of the virus, get rid of the problem. Like many other people have said, it is only dangerous when trojans or worms are created with the same name... Andy Ash.

Honeywell Lyric: Which Smart Thermostat Should You Buy? Is this normal? Lost this file from my system one time. Everytime i started up IE i got re-directed to a site with popups tryin to get me to execute some dodgy exe.

Now when you hover over the rundll32.exe in the list, you'll see a tooltip with the details of what it actually is: Or you can right-click, choose Properties, and then take Here is a site for more info and resources on RunDLL32: http://www.dx21.com/SCRIPTING/RUNDLL32/index.asp See also: Link ChuckO Zone Labs asks me if I want to open it. i did a search for it and found rundll32exe originally in the windows 32 folder as it should be and didnt touch it after reading most of these comments. Other times, it goes away outright.

If your "rundll32.exe" is eating 100% cpu time, then it is either infected or running viral code. Not that I claim to be a geek myself, but even I know that the latter is much more powerful, yet still a lot easier to understand. :oP September 18, 2008 ALWAYS back up any file you delete, especially those in folders you shouldn't be in in the first place. Rundll32 freezes all the time and is only sometimes useful FMasic rundll32.exe is a process which executes DLL's and places their libraries into the memory, so they can be used more

elaine Its a Windows Utility to Optimize the System in backround alles_wizzer i have 10 to 15 rundll32.exe running and they S-L-O=W everything down e.g webpages games and stuff i want Explanation If you've been around Windows for any amount of time, you've seen the zillions of *.dll (Dynamic Link Library) files in every application folder, which are used to store common I'm convinced that it can't be detected 100% of the time. Many programs use RunDLL to execute detatched processes.

Steve Burke rundll32 is genuine MS program. this is what led me to this site,to find out rundll also causes confusion among those outside the pc.Is there an answere as to FIXING THIS DEMON? See also: Link Dan-Erik its needed to run some softwares in a computer ibrahinm Part of windows. If there isn't any information at all, you should either Google it, or ask somebody on a helpful forum.

So I guess it is true, there are two types of rundll32. See also: Link FuzzyAndriusFace I got worried when I found two cases of this in my task manager. The program itself causes no harm. Sup3r all it does is not let me delete history Jordian when i quit it with task manager my pc runs smoother and faster.

Eko Its needed to run the date n time function, mine wont work because my virus remover removed it so i need to re-download it TC You can just close it As usual beware of apps with similar names rundll32 is a file used my windows to load processes onto the windows explorer vishnu ajit most of you are idiots and your Cirus Its true, the NVidia System tray runs this program too.

but experience does not confirm we can think of it positively...

Get rid of it! but use a virus checking program to find and fix. but if it is running as you......... Anonymous I have the Rundll32.exe blocking up all unused processing power, so my PC would run at a constant 100% capacity, which, needless to say, made it very slow.

RUNDLL32.EXE is not the source, it is just a generic MS launcher. Why they use both rundll32.exe and svchost.exe? Joe I delete my rundll32.exe and now nothing i working, someone know how I can get the program again? Solved the problem by updating/getting security patches for all my MS applications especially my Office apps.

A few moments later rundll32 would REopen and the program i was running would randomly close again. John It can shut down your computer, and screw it up, as well as overwork your CPU,a nd you computer may get really slow or crash. I have vista. There are so many of you who throw nonsense into websites without getting schooled before you open your yaps.

Also check if there are more files that look like 'rundll32' by using the search function, as the only valid one is the one situated in c:/windows/system32. The content you requested has been removed. i loaded up some video footage from my sony cam and everytime i open the folder to view my videos, i get a message saying WINDOWS HOST PROCESS (rundll32) HAS STOPPED Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.