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If I re-enable it, it appears again. But mine already had the option turned of for "Allow Windows Messenger to Run in the Background," so it could not be Windows Messenger. (I had to go through "my computer" Available via Start -> Programs. NOT MSN.

Disabled NAV-MSN Messenger protection. MSMSGS.EXE is an OLD version of MSN Messenger. Norton 2005 allows you to see the IP address of the attacker as well as the process being used for the attack. If you uninstal msmsgs.exe, you can not use same future of MSN Masenger and other programs. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/msmsgs.exe.html

If not, and assuming there's no probs with MSN, you can delete this folder. Messiah Did not have before Norton AV. M$ XP component, NOT MSN.

Windows Messenger is an internal Corporate/Medium Business application that works much like MSN does, but requires Active Directory and an Email server to work See also: Link Snappa Show all 261 Nov 26, 2004 Add New Comment You need to be a member to leave a comment. To disable it for good got o RUN and enter this command: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove Mark part of windows messenger exe but not used any more because of msn messenger Also could be the simplest way to get rid of it pako I have msmsgs in task manager even if i'm not running messenger, even though I instructed it not to start.

Swanson Windows Messenger, not MSN Messenger If you want to dissable it (it is safe to do) simply erase it from your disk. RRRode I only know according to my firewall logs it tried to get on the internet all the time. I down load msn messenger 7.0 and I can run it. Other processes ravbg64.exe cpqset.exe dvdramsv.exe msmsgs.exe dealplyie.dll swupdtmr.exe wrtproc.exe vttimer.exe spreview.exe dwtrig20.exe babylontoolbar.dll [all] © file.net 15 years of experience MicrosoftPartner TermsPrivacy

Msmsgs.exe is used by #2. (windows messenger), See also: Link Sparkman555 Okay, I finally figured out why I have msmsgs.exe running in the background. After I uninstalled Messenger, and deselected it using msconfig, it would return in 10 seconds or less. MsMsgs stands for Microsoft Messages The .exe extension on a filename indicates an executable file. after killing the msmsgs.exe process (business pc, no msging software is on it) the control panel was accessible.

  • Boris Worm downloader!, i just updated windows messenger from official website and a worm was found after installation, deleted, and then a different one appeared, you can delete the worm, but
  • So I am betting this is a virus or such.
  • messenger service, 2.
  • See also: Link Rats it's NOT MSN Messenger but it IS necessary for MSN Messenger to run.
  • Whoever has Norton, scroll up to rvoltaire's sage advice, it works like a charm.
  • Uncheck "Run this program when Windows Starts".
  • I was able to not have it start using Spybot's "Tools".
  • In my case, it was a Norton Antivirus to protect Windows Messenger.
  • Not using OS X?
  • If you feel that you want this program starting automatically so that you have it available as needed, then do not disable it.

Recent versions of Norton Antivirus added anew "instant messaging scanning" feature, which can conflict with Messenger and cause it toalso keep starting. Any ideas???>>>>>> Thanks for any help!!!>>>>>>.>> AnonymousMar 30, 2009, 3:48 PM hi guyz...ummm i just scanned my computer n removed all d virus n stuff..but now when i sign in msn See also: Link Rakesh Sinha My computer was running slow and I noticed this new processes. normal download rate 100kb/s - 4mb/s..

Frank Have it on my computer since 3 hours ago. This is what is making MSMSGS.EXE to constantly load even though it is checked off not to load. After killing msmsg.exe (not MSN Messenger!!!) I was able to delete the DLL and the hijack was solved.... Isaac there is a new virus using the name "msmsgs.exe" because you THINK its a normal executable.

It keeps popping up in my task manager. The file is located in the Windows folder, but it is not a Windows core file. Proccess keeps reloading til you delete whole messenger folder /program files/messenger Brett P Seems this file has a wide list of uses. Job Done!

On the non-admin account, this puppy WILL NOT GO AWAY on shutdown. Robert Johnson the only way I found is delete the file. I killed the process via WIN TaskManager, RENAME msmsgs.exe false_name_msmsgs.exe.

Note: The msmsgs.exe file is located in the folder C:\Program Files\Messenger.

If i want to start ms messenger, i start it myself. joe See also: Link ali This can be turned off in XP, Control panel, add remove programs, set program access and defaults, custom option, expand list and deselect the "enable access Bynikfriend Sep 17, 2006 Hello Friends, I am Nikhil. Even if I end>> the process through the Windows Task Manager before>> running services.msc it will pop back up in less than a>> minute.

BenDair DunDat I scanned all the files I could find with msmsgs in the name with both Symantec and Malware Bytes but neither program recognized the files or folders with the Yes, it's true, anonymous. :) Process analyzer Windows Messenger ... Powered by esolutions.lt Index Introduction Database Detailed Entries Updates Concise List HJT Forums Rogues Message Board Startup program entry details: MSMSGS (msmsgs.exe) This page expands upon the information already available for not dangerous (if it's the real one, i've also heard of malware which uses the same name).

Once this is done run a registry cleaner, such as CCleaner to get rid of registry entries for this .exe, or your system logs will throw up DCOM errors. My system is lonely for CPU action. AnonymousSep 17, 2004, 4:59 AM Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.messenger (More info?)Hi Jonathan,I bet it's Norton as I had already taken care of the msmsgs Preferences. I ended the process using Task Manager - the first attempt gave me a message that the service could not be stopped, but after trying again, it did stop.

Thank's rvoltaire! Have fun! because you are not using the W.M.), it's a kind spyware.. Also unchecked it in msconfig and it just checked itself again!

It all makes sense now! Always remember to perform periodic backups, or at least to set restore points. The the shutdown hang and have to turn the computer of manually. if you are using Norton Antivirus you must uncheck Instant Messenger protection in order for this process not to run anymore.

Dismiss Notice TechSpot Forums Forums Software Windows Today's Posts How to stop msmsgs.exe service? Othello i found this program in my task manager yesterday when i by accident clicked on a link in windows messenger. Carina ProArt is referring to the "Messenger Service" used by network administrators, but this process (msmsgs.exe) is related to the Microsoft Windows Messenger instant messaging client. Problem solved!

Use the 6resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem. What is the msmsgs.exe location, where is it stored on my computer? i detect it when i end process tree msmsgs.exe.. How to fix msmsgs.exe related problems? 1.

rvoltaire windows messenger, 100% useless program since i never heard of anyone using it, it's junk, wasting CPU and RAM, so i blocked it from launching on startup WIN XP Pro: